Experience on Ubuntu 16.04.5 new release

The official version can be downloaded here http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/

Attempt to upgrade from 16.04.4

Today [08/05/2018], I tried with these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

But these commands did not help with the upgrade. I am really eager to try out this new version, hence, I don’t want to wait and go ahead install from scratch.

Which bug did this new Ubuntu release fix?

For my specific pc [XPS 15 9570], there were a few problematic bugs that I had to live with when using 16.04.4 and they are:

  • At first install, Grub booting screen would be skipped right through if you don’t hit “e” really quick and assign “nomodeset” before boot.
  • After successfully install Ubuntu, similar problem as above would persist and the permanent solution is to set “nomodeset” in Grub file.
  • Sometimes strange warning message at booting.
  • Login loop when attempt to install NVIDIA graphic driver
  • HDMI does not detect external screen -> Hence attempt to install NVIDIA driver
  • If suspense, there is no way to wake Ubuntu except hard reset.
  • These posts (post1, post2) also state similar problems.

So most of the problems I had with the previous release involve with “graphic”. I really want to overcome this since I have 2 good monitors around and could not use them unless I switch to Windows. Nonetheless, 16.04.5 is here to fix all the problems.

Why do I need 16.04.5?

Back in June 2018, my new XPS 15 9570 arrived with the fresh 8th gen Intel 8750H chip and GTX 1050TI graphic card. I intend to use this pc for robotics development on ROS Kinetic since I don’t want to use the newer version of ROS yet. Adding to the reason of my Ubuntu choice, ROS Kinetic would only work with Ubuntu 16.04.

Is Nvidia driver still necessary?

My reason to install Nvidia driver is to get the external screen working. However, in this version, even the open source driver Nouveau still works well to detect the external screen right away. At the moment, I don’t have any reason to install Nvidia but should have to do it in the future if I want to enable the GPU computing ability for deep learning.


After the graphic issues got resolved, new issue I found was:

  • Cannot suspense or shutdown. Every time I tried to shutdown, it takes a very long time until systems actually shutdowns or I have to press the power button to do hard shutoff.
  • I eventually installed Ubuntu 18.04 instead and it works well right out the box. I also went ahead and enable Nvidia 390 driver for the graphic. There is one issue here is when I suspend, I ran into error every time I tried to wake up the PC “Alarm can be up to one month in the future”. I tried to disable the automatic suspense for now to let it not run into this problem.
  • I switched graphic running on Intel integrated card instead on 18.04, and I ran into exact hanging issue for 16.04 when I tried to shut down. When I switch back to Nvidia graphic card, the shutdown works fine instantly. I don’t remember exactly if I already tried to enable Nvidia graphic card on 16.04 or not, but that’s something to look into for 16.04 users.




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