My wonder about creating things started way back when I was really young. However, I took action on pursuing robotics only when I was 24 because “why not?”.

A lot of fundamentals are there to pick up. But I learned everything from the internet, and I’m thankful for the schools and experts out there for putting the time to share the knowledge. My robotics passion is not a hobby anymore but a long term goal to keep building robots for a very long time ahead in my career. I am excited about building moving machine and happy to share all my independent projects here with all of you!



At first I created this website as a portfolio to share my work to audience and employers. For some luck factor, I have a job during the process. However, that should not stop me from the original goal. Instead of sharing projects, I will blog about tips and tricks that I know with relevant topics in robotics.


Last time in May, it was a contract embedded job. A lot have changed in the past 5 months. I learned a ton on the job both in concept and skill. Happy to say that I got a permanent offer at the same company. Now, things would get super more serious. I cannot believe it. Early 2016, I barely know how to write a “for” loop properly. Today, I am embedded engineer. It was a tough road, but “if life gives you lemon, squeeze all the juice out of it!”