I am a self-taught programmer. I found passion for programming at age 27 when I decided to explore robotics, and I never programmed anything seriously prior to this. Fun fact, I struggled with writing a for-loop in MATLAB for a small assignment in my Heat Transfer class in college. Yeah, I was that Mechanical Engineering student who was really scared of programming. Thankfully for internet and personal stubbornness, not only I could program now but eventually I also write codes for a living.

I am currently an active student in the OMSCS program in Georgia Tech (2021- ??). Fun fact, I was not accepted when I first applied in 2017. I actually tried to apply to the OMS program with ASU about the following year, I was also not accepted due to missing pre-requisites. You may see a couple posts around here how I could not score high in a CS placement test to waive the pre-requisites requirements as well. Anyways, after I took some pre-requisites certified courses with ASU, I decided to try GT again and got accepted – with the awesome rec letters from my current manager, past mentor and past professor. Life lesson learned, again, you cannot fail forever as long as you still progressively try…even if it takes a couple of eye blinked years.

This website was originally created for me to share my work to apply for jobs. But I got a job that I love just right after I purchased the domain and picked a theme for the website. However, I decided to maintain this website to share small info or tech tips that I think maybe useful for others. I hope you enjoy what you see around here.

Best Regards.

P.S: Maybe a tiny bit more personal share, I am also a mom of a pretty active toddler.