Courses I took

At the moment, I am doing the OMSCS program at Georgia Tech. (2021–2024?)

Below is the list of the courses that I took or have been taking on my robotics path.

Interactive website with free courses




Courses with Instructors



Intro to Computer Science – Udacity – (free. Great intro course in getting to know from basic programming with Python.


Arduino Tutorial on Youtube by Paul McWhorter (free & very good intro course for absolute beginner, the instructor explains concept in depth length)

Machine Learning

Machine Learning by Dr. Andrew Ng – Cousera (free to watch video and pay to do assignment. Using Octave or Matlab, not so much of programming but strong math foundation would help). Andrew Ng is like one of the best instructors out there teaching ML, it’s such a joy learning in his class.



Python Object Oriented Programming on Youtube by Corey Schafer (free) – Corey also has many great Python tutorial, subscribe to his channel and learn! (I don’t know him personally, just a secret admirer on his lectures content).

Python Beyond Basics – Object Oriented Programming on Udemy (not free but $11 is not bad). I have no regret taking this course, 100% enjoying it and the instructor has great voice to put one into focus. That sounds strange but it’s true!


C++ for Programmer – Udacity (free)

C++ Tutorial on Youtube by Derek Banas (free) – Derek also has many great tutorials on other languages and tools, subscribe to his channel and learn! (I don’t know him personally, just a secret admirer on his lectures content.)


Introduction to Algorithms by MIT Open Coursewae – Dr. Srini Devadas & Dr. Erik Demaine

Algorithm Specialization by Dr. Tim RoughGarden – Stanford (free to watch videos but pay to do assignment). Lectures of 2 classes are also available on Youtube Algorithm lectures.


Artificial Intelligence for Robotics by Dr. Sebastian Thrun – Udacity (free) – (FYI, they called him the father of the self driving car.)

Self Driving Car Nanodegree (not free)

Robotics Nanodegree (not free)

Deep Learning Specialization by Dr. Andrew Ng – Coursera (free to watch video but pay to do assignment)- lectures are also available for free and fast on Youtube lectures


From time to time, there could be resources I cannot find from online videos. I would turn into books. is one source for where the technical books are. Usually I just subscribe for a short time like a month ($10) to read and learn the new knowledge that I need. Subscription gives unlimited access to read all the books, but you can choose to buy one of their books for as low as $5. They also have a good selection of free books that you can save to read later.

Other e-learning service with paid subscription.

I actually only used these when the free trial periods happen. But I found the learning resources are pretty good on these platform too.

Linkedin e-learning

Tools to share Code or Portfolio

Solving coding problems practice


There you go for now, I’ll update as time goes on….because as long as the internet is alive, nothing can stop me from learning!!!