If you are very new in robotics and looking for a starting point, check out the course list that I went through in [Home > Courses]. You can also find my tips and thoughts for robotics relevant topics in [Home > Blog] section.

All the projects here are all I have done or have been doing by myself. I document everything very specific from start to finish including link to each stage that audience can follow under [Projects],  you can find some of my projects and select the one looks appealing to you to learn. The purpose of the projects are to have a better understanding of robotics and what it takes to build robots.

Which skills do you need to learn?

Math, physics, programming, embedded system, 3D design, etc..

But to start, you basically don’t need anything but curiosity about robots, time and “googling” skill. If you like to work on a project, I have a list of sources [that I went through], so that you can study and gain some skills + basics before tackle a project.

Remember “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Is robotics difficult?

Yes. I gave up a few times but I kept coming back. There is a really big curve to get through the first time. All you need is persistent enough to go through that first curve, then you have enough strength and patience to go through the next.

What is your motivation to learn robotics? We may have some common thought.

Learn my story

Last but not least.

Have fun making robots!