How to Set Up Teensy 3.2 or later Software on Ubuntu Linux

I. Hardware

II. Software

Download these 4 items:

III. Installation

Add rule and Teensy loader

Add rule into Linux computer with the udev rules file.  For example, I downloaded the 49-teensy.rules into my Downloads folder.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo cp 49-teensy.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

I have Linux 64 bit, so I downloaded the ​teensy_linux64.tar.gz and extract all the files into ~/Downloads/teensy folder. Next, still at the Downloads folder, I run:

cd teensy
./teensy &

Connect your Teensy to PC with USB cable. Teensy LED light should be flashing by default. Load the Teensy loader file, you will see the “Press Button…” message, press the button and Teensy board would show up on the loader if everything was installed correctly. If it’s not, it could be because the udev rules were not properly set.

Arduino IDE

Can follow the instruction here:


After download the correct Teensyduino version for your computer:

Right click on the file > Properties > Permission > check Allow executing file as program > Click X to close

Double click on the file and follow installation instruction.

When being asked to “Select Arduino Folder”, select the Arduino folder that you previously installed your Arduino IDE. Teensy will install all of its libraries here for Arduino IDE to recognize.

IV. Test Installation

Close Teensy loader and Arduino IDE if you have them opened. Re-open Arduino IDE.

Go to Tools > Boards and you would see the option to choose Teensy Board 3.2, select this.

Click on the “check mark” to verify on first run, then Press the button on Teensy again. Arduino IDE should recognize the Teensy without error.

Upload sample Blink codes:

Files > Examples > 01. Basics > Blink

Click Verify > Upload

If the codes are uploaded successfully, you will see Pin 13 LED blinking.

Reference sources:





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