How to set up & test run Seeed Studio CAN shield on Arduino with Jetson TX2

What you need:

I. Set up

This is pretty easy. You just need to stack the CAN shield on top of the Arduino UNO securely.

II. Software

  1. Arduino IDE > Tools > Manage Libraries > Search for CAN-BUS Shield by Seeed Studio > Install > Restart the IDE


  1. Let’s upload the first sample script: Start Arduino IDE > File > Examples > CAN BUS Shield > send

Screenshot from 2019-07-03 00-47-46

  1. Choose your board and port to upload (in our case here, it’s Arduino UNO)

  2. Note, the script set up the baudrate to send message at 500k

III. Test

Connect the CAN_L & CAN_H of the CAN shield to the CAN_L & CAN_H of the second device.


In the picture, the second device is a transceiver connected to Jetson TX2, and TX2 should be set up with baudrate 500000 in order to receive/send message to Seedstudio. Refer to this article for the set up.

Jetson TX2 comes with 2 CAN port, and I connect the Seeedstudio CAN port to TX2’s CAN0 port

To check if the Jetson receives message, I run on terminal:

candump can0

The result is I received message. And that confirms the connection


IV. Something to note

The Seeeduino CAN shield comes with 120ohm terminal resistor built in. I did not have to add extra into the connection for message to come through successfully.

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